Vented Side Covers

For double-sided Impact Electronic Message Centers Impact offers vented side covers. These side covers join the ends of the two cabinets to create an aesthetically pleasing side view while giving the cabinets the ventilation they require.

Speedy Mount Bracket

Straight from the brains at Impact LED, the Speedy Mount Bracket is an EMC installers best friend.  No more fabricating brackets on-site.  Whether you choose to bolt/weld the EMC unit(s) to the bracket before lifting, or mount the brackets first and then attach the signs - the choice is yours but the convenience is clear.  Square brackets, built to fit a number of pole sizes - ready to install & build to last..

Wall Mount Bracket

These brackets account for the needed ventilation space between the angles to uphold the warranty.

Vented Side Extensions

Extend the horizontal plane of your EMC.

Light Box

Add a Light Box to your sign to increase it's visual gravity. Continuously show the business name or logo while still having the EMC display changing messages. Light Boxes are available in any height or width.

Pole Cover

Dress up your single or dual pole installation with a pole cover to give a pedestal or monument look.

Wing Brackets

Make sure your monument sign has room for circulation and brackets that keep it safe.

Side Clips

Make sure your monument sign has room for circulation and brackets that keep it safe.

Z-Brackets and Clips

Z-Brackets and Wing Brackets

This is the perfect mount for EMCs with space on the sides and below the EMC.

Perforated Reveal

Allow for proper ventilation when an Impact Combo sign is situated between two columns.

Ventilation requirements are outlined in our warranty.

Back Wrap

Use a Back Wrap to provide a clean and complete look to the back of your one-sided Electronic Message Center.

The dimensions are adjusted to suit your EMC and mounting requitements specifically.

Spare Parts Kit

Bad things happen to good signs & when it does having key spare parts on hand simplifies and speeds up the process of getting an Electronic Message Center back up and running.

Impact LED recommends any buyer consult with an engineer to determine if mounting is appropriate for their structure and any attached signage.

Buyer is solely responsible for the structural suitability of any element of signage.