Billboards & Spectaculars

Impact G3 digital billboards are the ultimate tool to generate revenue for your advertisers, capture attention, and push their ads to the forefront.  Available in exact one-foot by one-foot increments (12"x12"), we manufacture billboards in 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm pixel pitches.  Impact has a Spectacular Billboard for every application!

Industry Standard LED Billboard Sizes

11' x 22' - Poster
10' x 36' - Jr. Bulletin
14'x 48' - Bulletin
20' x 60' - Spectacular

Leverage the full capabilities of your Impact LED digital billboard.

Impact Cloud Plus provides customers with an easy-to-use, web-based solution for their digital billboard.  Creating, scheduling, and updating advertising content is fast  and secure from anywhere on any device. 

Redundant Power & Data

In the rare event of a module failure, dual power and data inputs reduce the need for a replacement part by 80%.

Simple Installation

Impact G3 billboard cabinets come with top and bottom steel mounting rails which easily attach to common billboard substructures. External quick-connect cables for data and power allow billboards to be installed without removing modules.

Easy Support

Modules are easily and quickly removed for fast and simple service. External quick connects for power and data make life easy and hassle free.

Premium Quality

Impact G3 signs come with the finest materials and finishes. From wide temperature chips and 4-layer printed circuit boards to UL certified power supplies and gold plated connectors. Impact G3 components create a beautiful, long-lasting and dependable product.

Environmentally Sealed Design

A thoughtful EMC cabinet design incorporates ventilation as well as protection. Our environmentally sealed cabinets prevent damaging intrusion of moisture and dust.  Each L.E.D. module is protected with a heavy application of silicon potting - ensuring long lasting durability.

Powerful Software

Impact Cloud Plus is a top shelf billboard and content management suite ready to create and schedule, and track ads.  Our control system also has the ability to integrate with Blip Billboard Marketing.

“It blows peoples minds that we have an average of 153,000 cars pass our location every day.  Having a double sided billboard we catch traffic in both directions.  Our ads are exposing our broad product offering to people who had no idea what we had in our store.” 

- Jordan C.